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Defective Products

When you purchase a product, you have a basic right to expect that it is safe to use as directed. Companies that design, manufacture, distribute or sell products used by consumers are required by law to determine that those products are safe and hazard-free before offering them to the public for use. Products should also contain important instructions to promote safe use along with any warnings against potential hazards.

When corporations become aware of a dangerous condition in one of their products, they are required to notify the public by issuing recalls. Sometimes, however, corporations place profits before families and continue to sell products they know or should have known were likely to cause injury.

Types of Product Defects:


  • Design Defects: A design defect occurs before a product is manufactured and typically result from inadequate workmanship or through using cheap and subpar materials.

  • Manufacturing Defects: Manufacturing defects occurring during the process of making the product when a product turns out to be different than its intended design.

  • Inadequate Warnings: Inadequate warnings are found in products that pose dangers which are not obvious and do not include instructions or warnings against those potential hazards.

Product liability cases can involve most products placed in the stream of commerce for consumer use if the product is inherently flawed. Some examples include injuries suffered as a result of defective airbags, electrical devices, household appliances, lawn and power tools, medical devices, heavy machinery, helmets, recreational vehicles such as ATV’s and bicycles, and children’s products such as toys, cribs, car seats and strollers.

If you used a product as intended or expected and you suffered an injury in the process, you could have a valid products liability claim for the defective product, lack of a proper warning or improper servicing. In addition to preserving evidence for the presentation of a claim, legal representation is essential to seek justice for the injured and their families. Attorneys at Donna B. Michelson, PA can help you determine who is to blame for catastrophic injuries caused by a faulty product.

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